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Celebrate and Motivate your Team!

Experiencing transitions, unexpected change or attempting to create something new may feel uncomfortable. But just beyond our comfort zone, we find a world of joy and possibility.

Wes Day is a multi-hyphenate artist on a mission to bring joy to the world through his keynote speaking, paintings and performing. 


With 25+ years on stage as a Blue Man in Blue Man Group, Wes has had the privilege of entertaining over a million audience members worldwide.  


Inspired by his on-stage experience in various artistic expressions, Wes has a passion for sharing the joyful sense of possibility that accompanies new experiences, if only we give ourselves permission to go for it.


Stepping out of our comfort zone can be scary, but sometimes it is a necessity. Through conversations with audience members, fans, artistic peers and his own personal experiences, Wes developed a deep understanding of the discomfort that often confines us and keeps us from attempting to try new things.


With his keynote message, Wes is on a mission to help others embrace new ideas, allow themselves to be learners again, to find the joy and possibility that awaits us on the other side of fear. 

Whether you are an artist, an educator, a CEO, an entrepreneur, an ‘essential worker’, a student of life, you can not help but gain a contagious amount of joy and inspiration from Wes’s message. 

"Looking for a five star experience for your next team meeting, then you must engage Wes Day! He is an outstanding motivational speaker that creates art during his speech that three of your lucky team members will get to keep."

Mary Sibley

North American Vice President, SAP S/4HANA

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